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The Machine "The Machine" represents a city consumed itself by pollution. The factories have transform it to a machine subordinated to the industry. It is a city that doesn't breathe, that doesn't live except for this purpose. In the end, its humanity has been lost.
Tags: city, pollution, air pollution, factories, industry
Alfonsinaa Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Running On Empty The social concern was how the “millennial” generation (youth ages 29 and younger) will be forced to take care of the baby boomers (ages 46 to 64) in the future. Due to the large population of baby boomers in society now, it will be difficult for the younger millennial generation to find the social and financial means to support this ageing...
Tags: elderly, machine, colour
Marapayne Painting, Acrylic
Typewriter Machine This shows the drawing of Typewriter Machine in pencil and showed the detail of it.
femlad Drawing, Pencil
Time Machine NANOART - Limited Edition Digital Prints. High resolution monochromatic electron microscope scans of natural micro or nano-structures and nano-sculptures created by the artist by physical or/and chemical processing are digitally painted and printed with archival inks on canvas or fine art paper. This way, the scientific images become artworks...
criorf Print
The Machine This is "The Machine", which is basically a 100 year old home-made crane that we used daily in the oil field. When an oil well stops pumping (1 out of the 63 would stop each day), we'd have to get out this baby and haul it over to the well using a tractor. THEN, you take the well apart and remove the 500 feet of pipe from the ground -- but...
derekmartin Photography, Digitally Manipulated