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Education means change (poster) The poster is a project about the situation of education in the world. It demonstrate that developed countries have highest literacy rate than developing countries. It also shows impacts of a good access to education can have on the society.

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Climate.! What it means for life on Eart. We have to realise that we, the human beings, are becomes the great antagonis. The earth is going to be destroyed only for us.
Tags: earth, destruction
shoily Drawing, Pencil
What belonging means for Malagasy Young People 30 young people share their view and ideas about belonging
YouthFirst Photography, Colour
OlgaTimofeeva Drawing, Pencil-crayon
OlgaTimofeeva Drawing, Crayon
OlgaTimofeeva Drawing, Crayon
not every day means death
alukes Photography, Colour
Different Places, Different Spaces... Everything is seen by means of eyes... Eyes help us to see and familiarize everything around us... It was so from the beggining of the mankind and will be forever! Collage, size: A4
teako Collage