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Growing investment opportunities for medical professionals The medical fraternity in India has never had a single window opportunity to invest smartly in real estate. Considering the round the clock professional commitments they keep, they rarely get the time to look at real estate as a critical component of their service offering - that can help take their services to new residential & business...

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Right to Medical CAre Ryleigh W, Age 11
Tags: National Child Day Art, Childrens Rights
carolinefair Painting, Watercolour
Virtual Reality for Education, from youth to youth A fantasy made from 4 photographs placed around a glass jar (It is only 10 cm Height) for Gynecology and Obstetric Education, Cairo University, Linux Symbol is used (The only non-genuine part in the picture). Youth colleagues in the school of medicine producing virtual reality educational materials to published on internet for the benefit of...
Tags: virtual reality, youth, medical, education
asf137 Mixed Media
Medical Care In Wild Life This is one of a kind medical care >>>
wahooe Photography, Colour