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Message in a Bottle The plastic bottle in this collage shows that it is important to avoid using plastics in our daily lives and in all our routines. A great amount of waste in the ocean is plastic.
Tags: ocean, pollution, rising temperatures
JEJD-MAT Collage
A Message to a Younger Me I am an intern at Urgent Inc. and this video is meant to be a way for me to learn and document my own personal growth. As I grow older and experience more milestones and breakthroughs, I want to be able to share it with others so that they can also have the opportunity to learn and grow.
Tags: advice, message, youth, younger self, face, Urgent Inc.
ch_ade Mixed Media
Message from our Hearts We are the grade 4 class from St. Justin Catholic School in Edmonton, AB. We looked at a picture of a Residential School after learning about them in class. We wrote what we saw and how that made us feel. Then we blacked out all but the words that were important to us. Our teacher modpodged our work into a canvas. This was a part of our work for...
tigteam Mixed Media
Message Oil on canvas,100x70
Tags: art, paintings
KD73 Painting, Oil
Message on the Pavement Here is a message written on a London pavement. I think it could have been written by a homeless person.
Tags: tom, laine, pavement, note, square, writing, clue, warn, thank, you, reminder, message, grey, poker, stripped, poster, card, suit, pattern, remains, clues, advert, print, danger, door, gate, fence, warning, locked, mesh, closed, yellow, black, blocked
catflap108 Photography, Colour
Hidden Message
athouguia Painting
Message in a Bottle At the end of a large ramble what everybody wants is to refresh themselves. Monica is totally exhausting so what she wants is a bit of water. A precious natural resource that into a bottle means more than simply water. I took this pic at the middle of 2002. AT a trekking to the town of "Pachacamac" (Outside Lima). I used the Canon 505....
Latin Photography, Colour