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Metro Life Post are the extreme pictures of the urban life, rurban or city life- I call them "METRO LIFE"... I was born in the city, grew up and made a life in a busy and intriguing place of Metro Manila, heart of the Philippines in terms of business, commercial and many more.
Toronto Metro Zoo 2006 My 3 day trip to the Toronto Metro Zoo, exploring animal behaviour and equality.

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InnerCity This reflects the city I grew up in. I grew up in inner city Montreal, they is always graffiti on buildings. The bars also reflects a rugged edge and an urban perspective. Sometimes when people see Canada from an international perspective, they think we live in igloos but I know we don't and I wanted to reflect this through photography.
Tags: innercity, montreal, metro, graffiti
HarisA Photography, Colour
Metro Boston Subway
Tags: subway, metro, boston
nmburyk Photography, Colour
Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral
CNAB Photography, Colour
Metro Station Opera--Paris This is a lovely statue that sits next to the Opera Metro station in Paris, France. The sunset really made it a memorable moment...
ladyangel188 Photography, Colour
метро, москва. // metro, moscow.
gaponov Photography, Black and White
metro/underground/tube/subway or whatever you call it the best way to get away
matic Photography, Colour
Metro Pub Le m
amelo2005 Photography, Colour