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Ciudad de Mexico - Junio 14 y 15

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MEXICO CITY This is the city of Mexico. I learned to to play with my camera and the lights of the city. This my favorite one. It looks like painting with light.
YouthMedia Mixed Media
A Love Letter to Mexico This video was created by Micaela Bolaños as part of the AYV program at the Peterson Schools. "This project is divided into 3 steps: The first one, was when the community came together and brainstormed about all the positive things of our country and translated them into the bus. The second one, is driving around the bus so people out on the...
ayv Mixed Media
El PAdelai Va Pintado, Sinvergüenza en Ñ de Clarín Durante la muestra Intervenciones urbanas Iberoamericanas, hablan Jazz, Sego, El Tono y Damita Dinamita
Tags: cceba, padelai, sinvergüenza, intervenciones, urbanas, iberoamericanas, el, tono, damita, dinamita, sego, mexico, argentina, buenos, aires, san, telmo
Pyrotaurus Photography, Colour
Mèxico city i took that pic in "El Castillo de Chapultepec" it`s a wonderfull place and have and excellent things about Maximiliano and Carlota and mexican flags and other things about our history, but i love the landscape
aranel-ireth Photography, Colour
Hola, Mexico Taken in Juarez Mexico where we were studying the impact of NAFTA and visiting its headquarters. This mother was in the middle of the highway with her children asking for money. Her children were seen running into the traffic too! In addition: like Michael Parenti said, " Focusing on the poor and ignoring the system of power, privilege, and...
pebbles Photography, Colour
Great richness in Mexico It is a crux point of multiple analysis the relation between the great richness of Mexico (oil, bionature, animal species, seas, deserts, valleys, agriculture, minerals, etc.), and its terrible rate of poverty: 3/4 of the total population are poor people!!!
Sandro Photography, Colour
Poverty and rural families in Mexico Some families in Mexico live in deprived conditions. But this are not news: poverty and this kind of ways of life have been present along centuries in Mexico. The question is why?
Sandro Photography, Colour
Postcards of Rural Children and Yotuh in Mexico Jon
Sandro Photography, Colour