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Submissions (55)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
A model of the school's roof with solar panels I researched if it would be better for our building if solar panel's were placed on the roof.
dfox Print
School garden model
dfox Print
Ishan Varun (Musician/Actor/Model). Ishan Varun is a Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Actor and Model who uses his talent and potential to the limit.
Tags: ishan varun, musician, rapper, singer, model, actor, songwriter, ishan varun productions, issachar varun
Photography, Colour
Model 2 Digital illustration. Pencil, pen, Photoshop 140 x 125,2 cm 2008
NAKATA Mixed Media
Model 1 Digital illustration. Pen, Photoshop 52 x 52 cm 2008
NAKATA Computer Graphics
Student Model A student poses for our drawing class.
mpgruner Drawing, Pencil
modele exhibition graphic 2d 3d graphic digital 2 d3 by ireney H
Tags: art, graphic 2d 3d
Artvif Flash Animation
Did they mean to leave it like this? This is not fake, this shop window really was left like this.
Tags: tom, laine, maniquin, statues, leaning, sit, sat, model, limbless, naked, erotic, window, shop
catflap108 Photography, Colour
moi. comme une model. la solitude dans la ville.
Savra Photography, Colour
Modelo Woman
thecavallogallery Mixed Media