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Moments of Inclusion A call for artistic expressions from youth: Reflect on a personal experience of inclusion. Where did it take place? Who was with you? Why was this an important part your own life journey? How did the experience influence your identity? As part of this reflection, you are invited to create and share a form of visual art as part of an...
Defining Moments Defining Moments: Discovering our Canadian Stories is a national digital media arts and citizenship project aimed at engaging youth across Canada to explore, express and showcase their diverse perspectives on Canadian identity. Moments Décisifs : À la Découverte de nos Histoires Canadiennes, est un projet national de citoyenneté et d’arts...
Daily Moments Every breath you take, every single day... World runs and moments pass like a rush. A glance, a mission, an smile, a walk, a tear... People is part of the panorama and in any attitude exist a stamp ever to be frozen, like frame memories wherever they are.

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June Exhibit - Quiet Time - Jenny Ge I've always thought of Canada as a peaceful country--and not only that, but also as a place where people can find comfort, security, and some 'quiet time.' Of course, we've had our share of conflicts, but I like to think that our reputation as peacekeepers still stands in the eyes of many Canadians.
Tags: photo, photography, conceptual, peace, canada, defining, moments
fatalattraction Photography, Colour
Self Potrait Black Moments Self Potrait Black Moments.
judypudy Painting, Acrylic