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Canada World Youth Learning Forum October 2010, Montreal, QC TIG attended the Canada World Youth Forum and we had a great and enriching experience! Youth from around the world congregated to discuss how organizations serving youth could better integrate and include youth. This included identifying barriers and creating solutions to access to resources, bridging the gap between youth and engagement, and...
Montréal, October 2005 I decided to spontaneously visit a friend living here while in NYC, so here are a few of the pics I took.

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InnerCity This reflects the city I grew up in. I grew up in inner city Montreal, they is always graffiti on buildings. The bars also reflects a rugged edge and an urban perspective. Sometimes when people see Canada from an international perspective, they think we live in igloos but I know we don't and I wanted to reflect this through photography.
Tags: innercity, montreal, metro, graffiti
HarisA Photography, Colour
Jardin botanique de Montréal Lors de ma visite au jardin botanique, ici, je vous laisse admirer ce beau paysage chinois.
yassirovich Photography, Colour
James our Leader, Montreal, QC.
Bonhomme Photography, Colour
Le centre de l'amitie de Montreal, QC.
Bonhomme Photography, Black and White
Skyscrapers in Montreal This photo of some of montreal's skyscrapers was taken with a 300mm lense, from Mt-Royal, at least 2 miles away. This is why these buildings look flat and superposed. I just love all the geometrical forms that comes out of this... I think this is impressive when you think of all the work, all the natural ressources and the money that was put...
kwessy Photography, Black and White
The 3 towers, Montreal This art work has me questionning about one thing... Why do humans in our society have the need to cram up and pile up in this sort of manner? Helps me realise the point humans have gotten to when it comes to living in society... I've been seeing theses kind of buildings since I was a kid.. but they have never stopped being fascinating... in an...
kwessy Photography, Black and White