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Global Mosaic Magic Carpet Rides is developing an interactive social norms exhibit to show users that what is considered a socially-acceptable norm during a discrete time and place may be different or the opposite at another time and place. The goal is to increase kid’s understanding that social standards are arbitrary and contextual; so just be yourself,...
Mosaic art mosaic art in glass and tile

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Acceleration I always love contrast, and in this picture I chose contrasting colours, times of day (sunrise, sunset, midday), and locations (four different places). They narrate a story by moving through time and space, and I combined them to create a swirling sensation around a shrinking planet.
Tags: acceleration, world, ecological, footprint, mosaic, colour, swirl
pinkink Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Mosaic? This piece of work is to demonstrate racism within Canada. Although people claimthat discrimination does not exist here, racism exists everywhere. As some individuals distance themselves from others due to ethnic racial or religious reasons.They believe the difference between themselves is clear as black and white. The flower represents pieces...
zhihenyzeny Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Une Mosaic-NYC
Computer Graphics