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Destruction in the Eyes of the Beholder: A Cry for our Fragile Home The artwork depicts the vivid imagery and symbolism of the destructive impact of global warming on Earth. Conveying the interconnectedness between our actions, environmental degradation and the urgent need for change. The eyes doesn't seem white, due to the pollution that is now in sight in the sky. Yet, what we see can represent our collective...
Tags: cry, tears, drought, fire, wildfire, pollution, earth, mother earth, universe, eye, future
JasmineAlexa Mixed Media
DECARBONIZE: Save Mother Earth As individuals, let us be the main part in helping and saving our dear Mother Earth by doing best practices in stopping climate change.
Tags: #decarbonize, #ph_decarbonize
aleaK_akirnE Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Mother Earth How to take care our Mother Earth
Yuselina Drawing, Pencil-crayon
"Food Sustainability and its links between climate change & agriculture" Sustainable food isn’t only about the food itself. It’s a combination of factors including how the food is produced, how it’s distributed, how it’s packaged and how it’s consumed. Therefore, it aims to avoid damaging or wasting natural resources. In this artwork, it shows how food sustainability conditions our agriculture and climate. My artwork...
Tags: agriculture, food sustainability, climate change, mother earth, art
1zy_cntlp Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Mother Earth is sad We have one home and we need to protect it
Sofiapiva Drawing, Pencil
Mother Earth Our Mother Earth is sad and asking for our help
Sofiapiva Drawing, Pencil
Save Mother Earth, Help Mankind Man-made factors are destroying nature but we still have hopes
Shaheen1213 Painting, Watercolour
Tags: kenya
marygabriel Mixed Media
Tags: joy
marygabriel Mixed Media
PRESERVE MOTHER EARTH We need to care for mother earth, our source of life
marygabriel Drawing, Pencil