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Hazrat Dovud-the holy place in the mountains of Uzbekistan The exhibit is a collection of pictures of a holy place in uzbekistan called Hazrat Dovud, people visit it as piligrims or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

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MAJESTIC MOUNTAINS Puffy popcorn clouds, a clear sky, and a world without the atrocious effects of Global Warming is what Team India feels is a 'good life' This picture represents all the same. The pollution that is currently drowning India and making it like a 'Gas Chamber' like is what we truly want to eradicate. A 'Good Life' to us is where nature takes its...
Tags: mountains
suhaneegiroti Photography, Black and White
Raised By A Village Recall the old adage: "It takes a village to raise a child." The village of Usangi is found nestled in the Usangi Mountains on the north eastern border of Tanzania. The people live a very simplistic life, and at the core of all interactions is respect. Respect for elders, relatives, neighbors- respect for others. Each mountain is home to a...
Tags: life, mountains, family
CMbaga Photography, Colour
Spirit Mountains
Cera17 Painting, Oil
Desert with Gepard Desert with Gepard, Acrylic Collage, 15,7x11,8 inch, 2007, 260 Euro.
Tags: animals, rockets, mountains, desert with gepard, desert fantasies, surrealisme, landscape, acrylic collage
heiste Mixed Media
Desert Mountains with Amonite Desert Mountains with Amonite, Acrylic Collage, 15,7x11,8 inch, 2007, 260 Euro.
Tags: animals, deserts, mountains, desert fantasies, surrealisme, africa, landscape, acrylic collage
heiste Mixed Media
Serendipidy mountains Oil painting on canvas
Koopinello Painting, Oil
Our mountains Artist(s): Oliviya Justus Organization: ORDSS-SIGARAM This media piece is about the human activity of breaking up mountains. Western ghats is a heritage site declared by UNO, but this kind of activities takes place illegally. It will affect the entire nature and ecological balance. As reports says western ghats mountains are home to 320 species...
ayv Photography, Colour
Czesky Republica Photos from Vashalav Castle
Tags: castle, statue, grape vines, mountains, czech republic, gibraltar
darhcik Collage
Rocky Canada My artwork is supposed to be the Rocky Mountains. I drew the mountains because every year around September/October my sister, mom, grandma and I go to Japer National Park, also because the Rocky's are well known throughout Canada. We travel to the mountains because we take a break from boys and the city craziness. Stars over the mountain are the...
Tags: jasper, trees, park, mountains, canada, nunavut, alberta
PyariA Drawing, Crayon
Rocky Mountains It reflects my personal Canadian identity because I believe that the nature in Canada is an important aspect of being Canadian. The rocky mountains are the most known mountains in Canada, which is why I encorporated it into the artwork. I also believe that the beauty of nature should be preserved for later generations.
Tags: canada, rocky, mountians, grass, trail, flag
RachelleP Mixed Media