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International movers Overseen Storage on hand directors and stop handlers with CCTV cams and a watched secure reason, We give secure down storage spaces all significant urban areas Australia wide and most residential communities. Leave your merchandise in the compartment until needed with your stock or gear accessible as needs be with a same or 24 hour conveyance...

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Our Move to Sustainability Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem and preserves natural resources for future generations. Regardless of who we are, where we live, and what we do, we all have a moral obligation to each other, our future generations, and other species to sustain the planet. Our present choices and actions have huge...
globalgallery Painting, Acrylic
The journey from Grey to Green - Our move to sustainability Our environment is under distress and it is not a hidden fact anymore. The threat it is facing right now is alarming and it is our duty to save it before it gets too late. As inhabitants of this earth, everyone must come together as It’s time for nature to nurture. Human activities, such as the use of fossil fuels, deforestation and...
globalgallery Painting, Acrylic
Remove the trash,Let the water splash! The painting is inspired by the love of marine life.It illustrate the affects of pollution and alarm us to fix our wrongdoings and save these beautiful animals.
khadijakiran Painting
Metamorphosis (The process of transforming from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.) In the depths of quarantine, the only constant I had was myself. I turned to my art to delve into me, a subject I'd never worked with before.
Tags: sky, self portrait, photography, blue, woman, girl, earth, move, nature, outside
et221 Photography, Colour
Carbon Dioxide Sunshade, Let's remove it! We, humans, wear sunshades that can provide shade and cool us down. However, the sunshade, or the atmospheric cover we provided for our Earth is made up of carbon dioxide, which does not cool him down, but rather increases his temperature.
Tags: environment, sustainability, climate change, #savetheplanet, earth, sustainable, Decarbonize, SDG, sustainable living, global warming, climate action, energy saving, art
Blackstar00010 Drawing, Chalk
Move It Or Lose It Elfie was born in Germany in 1929, making her 85 years old at the time of filming. She loves aerobics and dancing. Elfie encourages other older women to keep moving, “move it or lose it!” she says. “Keep on working yourself and don’t give up!” Created by Lyssa Pearson as part of Reel Youth's 2014-2015 AYV Program
ayv Mixed Media
Movember TIG Office
JulieGao Photography, Colour
Movember 2010 Since I can't grow my own, this seemed like the next best thing. Happy Movember!
AndreaPlant Photography, Digitally Manipulated
elated Dawing,pen on paper
Tags: sport, move, dance, draw
pazwin Ink, Pen
Daily Movements It is a daily thing to see people rush in to "Matatu" as we call the commuter vans here in Kenya.
erioch Photography, Colour