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Submissions (3)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Berlin-Panorama Mitte Berlin-Panorama Mitte, Etching/Watercolor, 9,4x12,6 inch, 2004, 140 Euro.
Tags: berlin-panoramas, cathedrals, museums, berlin-panorama mitte, realisme, germany, urban architecture, etching/watercolor
heiste Painting, Watercolour
Bode Museum Bode Museum, Watercolor, 11,6x15,9 inch, 1994, 180 Euro.
Tags: museums, rivers, bridges, bode museum, realisme, germany, urban architecture, watercolor
heiste Painting, Watercolour
Youth at the museums Educational tours and retreat are some of the activities youths can get involved in as an alternative to violence.
ojoo Photography, Colour