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the musical culture music and culture is the only way to preserve peace and love..........

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MEU VIOLÃO Meu violão. Meu melhor confidente.
Tags: violão, musica, meu
ElizabethCampos Photography, Colour
Musical Horse Painting This is a painted version of my musical horse picture. I used acrylic on canvas.
labellasorella Painting, Acrylic
The Musical Love Music and culture is the only way to preserve peace and love.
chinmoybordalai Painting, Oil
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ($35.00) Musical Instruments (Available) ORDERING:
gorCreativearts Painting
Musical Mystery of Silence What is silence? It is absence of noise......... its upon us how we can make it out.
mayurpankhania Ink, Pen
Yoruba musical instruments Yoruba traditional musical instruments The painting describes the types of musical instrument used for entertainment during occasions such as naming, marriage burial, housewarming ceremonies in Yoruba land, the south-western part of Nigeria. These instruments are iya-ilu (talking drum), sekere, bata drum, agogo and omele (small drum). All...
TAkinwande Drawing, Crayon
musical hearts This is an image I composed as a tribute to the way I feel about Amanda's music... she's one of my favorite's.
Gemini Photography, Digitally Manipulated