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Submissions (17)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Perfume of the Woman in Black Watching the ocean, that Lady in Black shine in her mystery alone upon a fortress wall
Tags: woman, black, fortress, ocean, mystery, perfume, hat
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel
The Great White Shark- Mystery of the Deep We must save the Sharks! Every year millions of sharks are left to die in the wild oceans because of the SHARK FIN SOUP! Sharks have been the top of the ocean predators since the age of the dinosaurs. Now they are on the verge of being extinct! What a shame on our part that we are not taking steps to save them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: endangered, animals, sharks, ocean, fin, fishes, soup
gpjmumbai-drishikag Mixed Media
Mystery Eyes
4m Drawing, Pencil
CEasar 3D Graphics
CEasar Computer Graphics
Mystery Person Book art page 4 Here's the last page. And the person is.....Harry Houdini? Did you guess him?
mosaic-eye Sculpture
Mystery Person Book art Page 3 Third page....getting closer to the unveiling...
mosaic-eye Sculpture
Mystery Person Book Art page 2 This is the second page of the book...any closer to revealing their identity?
mosaic-eye Sculpture
Mystery Person Book Art This is the first page of a book we were asked to create describing a mystery person without using their name or a picture of them anywhere. Can you tell who it is?.
mosaic-eye Sculpture
Musical Mystery of Silence What is silence? It is absence of noise......... its upon us how we can make it out.
mayurpankhania Ink, Pen