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Animals, Pets and Nature In an island we are living there will always be animals around to accompany us to share the nature and make it more meaningful. Loving nature and loving animals especially my pets has been a trademark.
Whitelees Primary Nature Garden
Nature This is nature environment I capture my camera eye. This is village Ghambeer valley. This is a very beautiful valley but nobody paid any attention in this valley there are allot of problems but no body take action.
NATURE'S GIFT This is a pictorial and artwork collection of the gifts nature can offer.this exhibition is intended to show the world that it is a good idea to preserve nature for the beauty of it and to satisfy the biodivesity needs.We see nature through the eye and apreciate the nature's gift through many other means.
Les couleurs et la nature
Beautiful Nature - Beautify Nature

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In Nature Nothing Exists Alone #Decarbonize Canadian Youth Summit
tgodwald Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Nature knows better Let us permit nature to have her way
Ashritha2108 Painting, Watercolour
Helping Nature is Helpful: A Lot Kids for Kindness
Rebsmoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Help Nature Kids for Kindness
Rebsmoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
If we're going to miss something about nature, it shouldn't be art. Our beaches and seas are in danger. People have been polluting air, water and land. The colours of nature are vanishing. Microplastics are one of the most common types of litter found on beaches. Pollution destroys unique beach habitat needed by animals and plants. It’s time that we said ‘No!’ as our future is in our hands. Which memory would...
globalgallery Photography, Colour
Care for the nature All the living and non-living elements and their effects that influence human life.
Tags: #gogreen
khadijakiran Markers
Back to Nature Some people think that the solution to the problems of our world is in technology and giant cities, of course, we need it, but what did these things do to our planet? We are now facing the danger of existence because of these cities and their endless problems. How about integrating our lives into nature, the nature that has given us everything...
globalgallery Computer Graphics
Re-Creating The Beauty of Nature I am Zian Biswas, an 11 year old from India, and this creation I made depicts the true beauty of our world and how our Industry & Innovation is Destroying the Sustainable Communities. The main Moral I want to Express through this illustration is that we should bring back the Natural Beauty of Earth by planting trees, decrease Poaching, and...
Zian_Biswas Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Nature and Life The inspiration is nature and the connection to life. This painting shows that the branches that are attached to the woman’s body represent the connection of nature (As shown on her face) and life.
globalgallery Painting, Acrylic
The agony of Mother Nature The purpose of my artwork is to give awareness to the people that the problem we encounter nowadays in the environment is because of us people that we didn't care to our nature so now we create the damages and the effects of it leads back to us.
AncelahC Drawing, Pencil-crayon