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Nepal : Pride of being nepali There is a lot to say about my country nepal
A Gurung mother from the central hills of Nepal The old lady, wearing her ethnic jewellry, is anxiously peering at the valley below longing for the safe arrival of her son, who is a Gurkhas in the British Army.She lives a frugal life, prays to the Himalayan Gods and lives a simple life. Her very existence depends on the money brought by her precious son.

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Makeshift class after earthquake in Nepal The main building of this oldest public school in Hetauda was deemed unsafe so classes are being held in such places where teaching condition is absolutely bad
Tags: hetauda, nepal, school, education
EduVision Photography, Colour
Explore Nepal The Beautiful Himalayas
yashoda Photography, Colour
Explore Nepal Bhaktapur Durbar square-one of the UNESCO sites of the world
yashoda Photography, Colour
Group photo after Forming CIC in Government Shool of rural Nepal This Photo is taken after the meeting for the formation of Community Information Center(CIC) in Government school name Mahaendra DevBani Primary school.This school is in Pokhari chour, Syangja. All the people in the photos are well convinced with the importance of ICTs for the development of Society. Nepal Rural Information Technology...
sudiparyal Photography, Colour
Green Nepal A green place of Tikapur, Nepal. It is really touching green scene of wheat plants.
thaparadha Photography, Colour
Nepal's Heritages Collection of unique monuments that reflects nepalese architecture and culture.
dreamzsnet Drawing, Pencil
Water For Life in Nepal One drop of water brings thousand of satisfaction in life. A school girl of Ghale Gaun doesn't have water tap in her school. For water she has to walk 15 min in interval of school.
mukunda Photography, Colour
Water For Life in Nepal Water scarcity will be more challenging for future. I happiness of drinking water will not be bring from other drinks. Local people of Patna drinking water from traditional jar.
mukunda Photography, Colour
Water For Life in Nepal When water scarcity raises urban area local farmer feed water from water pump for planting rice.
mukunda Photography, Colour
Water For Life in Nepal When water scarcity raise in cities area people use underground water for their basic need. A mother cleaning her child by underground water.
mukunda Photography, Colour