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Submissions (18)

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Be Nice to Nerds This piece was created by Micaela Bolaños as part of the AYV program at the Peterson Schools. The life of Bill Gates is a nice proof that great things can come from any type of background. With this shocking quote, I'm inviting the viewer to reflect that everything that we do now has a consequence that not only affects others but it can also...
ayv Computer Graphics
Soft Flower Just couldn't let this chance go.
Tags: flower, soft, iraq, erbil, kurdistan, hawler, nice, cute
Andam Photography, Colour
Nice view peak climbing in Nepal
Ngimanuru Photography, Colour
Nice Click Mera peak climbing in Nepal.
Ngimanuru Photography, Colour
Nice View Potala Palace .
Ngimanuru Photography, Colour
Nice Pagoda Style Very beautiful stupa.
Ngimanuru Photography, Colour
Nice day My cartoon
Tags: cartoon, children
2me Cartoons
Warmth of Venice
artwise Painting, Acrylic
Venice Venice and its Lagoon - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
serbestan Photography, Colour
It was nice It was nice
mosses43 Flash Animation