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Submissions (31)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Gannons Park- Peakhurst Protoype Picture- This is Gannons Park in Peakhurst, our local park. This is a potential site for our business operations.
mcarrington Photography, Colour
Gannons Park- Peakhurst This is our local park, where business could take place.
mcarrington Photography, Colour
Cannon Bridge roof garden cannon bridge roof garden is located in the city of london. It has a spectacular view. On the roof, you can see fabulous views over the thames, saint paul’s cathedral and tower bridge.
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
Phenomenon We all have the right to be phenomenal and evoke a sense of wonder in the people around us. Whether installing my sculptures in an indoor or outdoor setting my intention is to set up an environment rich with opportunity for discovery. I hope that through the creation of my sculptures I am able to reach out to my community and remind them the...
KirstinIvyEcho Sculpture
When Lebanon cries
savianty Computer Graphics
Violence ! Je dis non.... Violence ! Je dis non....
mfeussom Computer Graphics
pour prévenir notre santé, entretenons les arbres Sékouba traoré
mariesperance Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Parthanon overlooking Athens Greece Taken from the Parthanon looking out at the city of Athens.
clarita Photography, Colour
celebrate nonviolence Banner in support of the "B52-two" - two british peace-activists who attempted to prevent US B52 bombers from leaving a British airport on the first night of the the bombing campaign that started the 2003 war on Iraq. After 6 months in prison, and many court appearances, a jury found them not guilty in 2007. For more information see...
shtig Painting, Acrylic
Non aux APE, Non des Jeunes Lors de la marche contre les APE, Des jeunes se sont assieds près de la Poste de Médina au Sénégal pour dire Non au Accords de Partenariat Economiques ( APE) Sous leur forme actuelle.
mfeussom Photography, Colour