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Objects Objectives My name is Jephthe Celormy and I’m an intern at UrgentInc, this photo collage showcases empty objects because of our fear of COVID-19 . We now see a resolve of the fear by us wearing a mask and now these objects are being filled and they’re bringing us together. It starts with an empty object but ends with us coming together and showing that we...
Tags: #UrgentInc #FACE
JephtheCelo Photography, Colour
Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear This piece is inspired by the the way human beings are treating Earth while living upon it, gradually and clearly leading to its destruction. In my opinion technological advancements and over usage of all the Earth's resources are creating destructive fires within the planet and ruining what we need to keep intact; nature. My vision of a...
Tags: fire, nature, health, climate change, global warming, future, technology, environment, earth, Decarbonize, climate action, trees, art, conservation
Hurain66 Computer Graphics
Sohril Tribe lady The statue depicts a woman from the Sohril Tribe in Gambia. It was made in 2011 with mahogany wood.
Tags: art, artwork, statue, craft, oeuvre, objet, object, afrique, africa, femme, tribu, woman, tribe, sohril, gambia, gambie, 2011, bois, wood, acajou, mahogany, lady, africancrafts
kml29 Sculpture
Thinking Man This statue represents a modern thinking man. It was made in 2011 with mahogany wood.
Tags: art, artwork, oeuvre, objet, object, afrique, africa, modern, contemporain, homme, man, penseur, thinking, statue, 2011, wood, bois, mahogany, africancrafts
kml29 Sculpture
The objective of a device on the face of a tiger Stop killing animals for econonic reasons..!!
Tags: tiger, animal protection, enviroment
CrinaMB Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Rauf Photography, Digitally Manipulated