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Red Zone How does your community or city contribute to climate change? This is a picture taken from the island of Penang. Living by the ocean, I see the ocean, its ever-changing tides and colors, every day. With this piece, I wanted to show that even though the view may look gorgeous, the reality is that our ocean and our climate is in danger. More often...
Tags: redzone, penang, ocean, urbanpollution, pollution, change, carbon, malysia, construction
sseoya Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Save our Ocean A different belonging under the water, need to explore and feel the belonging under the water to save oceans.
cdcindia Drawing, Crayon
ocean is my home I am in Haiti Ocean Project and that is a group I belong to. We study the ocean and that is something that we all care about.
Tags: ocean, home
haitiocean Drawing, Pencil-crayon
ocean where I belong I live near the ocean and the ocean is where I belong. I know it's a place that is important to me.
Tags: ocean, belong
haitiocean Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Dock in the ocean We are building a very long dock in the ocean. We start with these cement circles to hold the concrete. We all helped with this because they are very heavy and we have to roll them in the ocean.
Tags: dock, cement
haitiocean Photography, Colour
Haiti Ocean Project Charlens Calixte and Francklin Barbier are two of the coordinators for Haiti Ocean Project. They organize what we do. They stand by a painting of our logo. We are proud to be in this project.
Tags: haiti, project
haitiocean Photography, Colour
On the water We go out on our boat on Saturday and Sunday when we are not in school. The boat pulls the canoe. This is what belonging means to me when we are together on the water.
Tags: ocean, boat
haitiocean Photography, Colour
The ocean leaders I took this picture of one of our leaders in Haiti Ocean Project, Charlens Calixte and two other students who is is training to be leaders. They teach us about the ocean and we belong to Haiti Ocean Project.
Tags: ocean, leaders
haitiocean Photography, Colour
Hawaiian Cliffs Taken after a hike in Maui on a day of overcast.
Tags: hawaai, maui, cliff, water, ocean, trees, sea, pools, greenery, hike
sophallyssa Photography, Colour
Pebble Beach This was taken on a trip to Science Camp located in Santa Cruz, CA.
Tags: pebble beach, santa cruz, california, water, ocean, sunny, beautiful, kids, rocks, coast
sophallyssa Photography, Colour