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Coffee Advert Remake This piece was created through the AYV program at Zimbabwe Youth Advocates. This is a remade version of a coffee advertisement.
ayv Mixed Media
Commercial 3D Interior CGI Office Commercial 3D Interior CGI Office Design and Animation by Yantram Studio.
Tags: interior, rendering, cgi, design, visualization, animation, bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, office, architectural, 3d interior rendering, 3d interior design, realistic, 3d interior animation, 3d interior visualization
yantramstudio Mixed Media
The Lion King at Minskoff Theater
dfox Print
Off to a New Land This piece is a cross stitch that describes what it's like to travel from one country to another. The waves that rock the ship are like all the ups and downs that my family and I have experienced during our transition. It's about being brave and heading off to a new land for new adventures and a good life.
Tags: culture, travel, new land, globalization
MirnaEl Print
TAKEOFF The hazards of starting a career
3750 Painting, Acrylic
coffee trade Unfair coffee trade opposing what companies make us believe by selling it to us with marketing techniques and what is truly behind these apparency to denunciate the unfairness of coffee trading
audreystemarie Drawing, Crayon
Taking off Moving
Tags: painting
french Painting, Watercolour
Coffee Menu This is my favourite page from a menu I recently designed with a friend. Its for a small coffee shop. We created a logo, took the pictures ourselves and then made the menu. I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot through the experience.
JBK36 Computer Graphics
Coffee nougat 60 x 80 x 4 cm
abiliciouz Mixed Media
Shimla Architecture- Post Office The architecture in Shimla, which was India's summer capital, is distinctly European.
ajay78 Photography, Colour