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Photos from Palestine--Gallery 3
Photos from Palestine--Gallery 2
Photos from Palestine- Gallery 1
pictures from palestine its small initiatives, but it holds the spirit of land, love and warmity

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Hope is Rising The sculpture is composed of a young olive tree growing from a map of a small portion of the West Bank/Israeli border. The yellow line indicates the 1949 Armistice boarder and the red line is the wall. The live olive tree is a symbol rich in historical and religious associations of the area, mainly those of peace, wisdom, and life, which appears...
Tags: peace, olive tree, israel, palestine, human rights
megharder Sculpture
Tortured Childhood in Palestine
adham5555 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
In Palestine-Israel's "Separation Wall"
areej Painting
areej Holography
nour1987 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
the future of palestine a palestinian boy near his father in the vilage of bilin in palestine. rammala district.
ilia307 Photography, Black and White
Peace in Palestine! These are a group of kids who welcomed us when we first came to Marda. I remember being so suprised to see how multi-cultural Palestinian society is.
Photography, Colour
Apartheid Wall - Jerusalem - Qalandia Photo taken by Raed
Tags: banksy, palestine, qalandia, apartheid
Raed Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Apartheid wall - Jerusalem photo taken by Raed
Tags: banksy, palestine, apartheid, qalandia
Raed Painting
Apartheid Wall-Qalandia Camp, Jerusalem Photo taken by Raed.
Tags: banksy, palestine, apartheid, qalandia
Raed Photography, Colour