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Save the Rainforests by the Year 4 Pedmore Meerkats Three pupils (8-9 year olds) in my class worked to create this image which we have subsequently used in presentations, on our blog ( and in our video campaigns about palm oil.
Tags: rainforest, palm oil, climate change
sellyeve Mixed Media
Amy's Video has the Bad Oil An article on page 11 of 'The Advertiser' newspaper on 4 April 2011 regarding the destruction behind palm oil plantations and DeforestAction's plan to stop it.
Tags: palm oil, orangutans, deforestaction, borneo, environment, sustainable, forests, deforestation, labelling, project borneo, food
Ames268 Print
Amy's Borneo campaign to help great apes I was interviewed by an Australian Newspaper, detailing the project and what is going on in Borneo and the desperate situation of the orangutans and forests there. 9/3/11
Tags: orangutans, forests, deforestation, deforesaction, borneo, palm oil, takingitglobal
Ames268 Print
deforestation in borneo Satellite images (MODIS/Nasa) of deforestation at the border of Malaysia/Brunei.
Tags: deforestation, borneo, jungle, logging, palm oil, rainforest deforestation borneo jungle, satellite images, satellite
whereisfabrice Photography, Colour
Palm Oil woman
kwessy Photography, Colour