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Paris tower 30x100 cm canvas. pencil
Tags: raneem fares, paris tower, effil tower
raneem1 Drawing, Pencil
Paris ballpoint pen art Babis Kiliaris
babis1 Ink, Pen
Notre Dame de Paris Notre Dame de Paris seen from the Arabic World Institute.
sarahtoumi Photography, Colour
mariarpn Photography, Black and White
Birdman in Paris This guy was so beautiful. Outside of Notre-Dame one time, I saw him catching birds on his fingertips and showing them to little kids... How much better can life get?
ladyangel188 Photography, Colour
Angel Michael Beats the Devil--Paris, France I'm not really religious, but I love this statue (near the Pantheon in Paris.)
ladyangel188 Photography, Colour
Metro Station Opera--Paris This is a lovely statue that sits next to the Opera Metro station in Paris, France. The sunset really made it a memorable moment...
ladyangel188 Photography, Colour
Eiffel Tower At Night--Paris Taken looking up from beneath the Tower in Paris, France; although it is not nearly as tall as many of the buildings I have seen elsewhere, for some reason the Eiffel Tower strikes me as immense in real life. This picture gives you some idea of how gorgeous it is at night.
ladyangel188 Photography, Colour
An Accidental View of the Eiffel Tower--Paris This picture was an accident; standing on the second level of the Eiffel Tower, my camera began to die. Frustrated, I kind of shook the camera a few times, and just as the "whirlybirds" (the flashing white night lights) turned on, I snapped a photo. This picture reminds me of just how much in love I am with the Eiffel Tower.
ladyangel188 Photography, Colour
Sacre-Coeur Cathedral--Paris Without question, my favorite place in Paris is in Montmartre, in the Sacre-Coeur cathedral. Sacre-Coeur speaks to me; many of the larger cathedrals are lovely, but they almost feel commercial after awhile. There's a legend that during the persecutions of Christians, St. Denis was beheaded in Montmartre, and miraculously walked all the way to...
ladyangel188 Photography, Colour