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Scottish Parliament Building Visit
Scottish Parliament Visit

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Parliament Building with Dahlia Paper cutout work. (Black origami paper and scissors).
Tags: dahlia, parliament building
kenjiwissen Mixed Media
Library of Parliament This drawing of the Library of Parliament on self-stained paper reflects an important building and service in Canada’s history that often gets ignored. The fine High Victorian Gothic Revival architecture reflects a “spacious and lofty” feeling as one takes a step in and views it from the outside. This historic library stands to reflect the...
Tags: library, parliament, architecture, victorian, gothic
artrageous Drawing, Charcoal
Parliament Parliament at night in London.
urssulasss Photography, Colour
The Indian Parliament A healthy tree cover partly hides the Indian Parliament House.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Canada Day On Parliament Hill This mural is in the classroom of my Political Science teacher. To me it is very important to celebrate along with understanding our country and how it works. My artistic impression of celebrating Canada hopefully dawns on you as an opportunity to reflect on how much you know about your country, and the things that it does for you. This is my...
nevermore23 Painting, Acrylic
Scottish Parliament - Holyrood, Edinburgh I don't really like the Parliament's design, especially considering the hugely extortionate level to which it costed taxpayers, but still thought this was a good pic: natural beauty, in this instance the cloud formations, in the same scene as such an abomination of modern-day architecture. And it was falling apart on the inside!
Rapscallion Photography, Colour
Art Work inside the parliament A beautiful peice of work inside the parliament building captured by me.
Raihan Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Hungarian Parliament When I was 13, I visited Budapest, where I drew the Hungarian parliament.
aymanelhakea Drawing, Charcoal
CHOY DURING THE 2ND NATIONAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT IN BAGUIO 2nd National Youth Parliament This is the ideal place to design your own custom page, filled with whatever you can imagine from products, pictures, fan clubs, links or just more information.The National Youth Parliament (NYP) is a biennial assembly of youth representing the various sub-sectors and geographical groupings nationwide to develop...
choyg8 3D Graphics