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October 1st Nigerian Independence Celebration Party
The Art of Partying My take on several Christmas parties of different agencies and organizations as well as Barangays all over Catbalogan City during December 2009. the story behind the merriment... Location: around Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines

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La fiesta campesina por el día del medio ambiente/The Peasant Party for the day of the environment El dibujo expresa la celebración del día del medio ambiente por los campesinos en Cuba/The drawing expresses the celebration of the day of the environment by the peasants in Cuba
Tags: environment, nature, sustainability, sustainable, sustainable living, ecofriendly, trees, art, #savetheplanet
danielbb Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Petit Goave Party Every year we have a big party in the streets and the kids dance and there is music. I go to this party with my friends from Haiti Ocean Project and we watch and have fun - that is how we belong to something.
Tags: party, dancing
haitiocean Photography, Colour
WE Party WE created three petitions for (WE The People) WE Party Peace Ambassadors to sign. We've tried to change government, however WE can change the people and eventually the government will come from the people! 1) Pass It Forward ( 2) World Peace Petition...
Tags: we party, the world, taking it global
Arlan Computer Graphics
Grandma's Wedding Party I drew my grandma's wedding party. At that age, they already had fashion ceremonial dress, but the old people still wore traditional Taiwanese clothes.The bride is my grandma, and the old lady is the matchmaker. Anne Liu from Taiwan
Cindea Drawing, Pencil
Dreams of Me - Party Dream How I would like to go to a party and what I would love to wear -- being me.
diana7 Ink, Pen
The Black Panther Party/Resist and Exist Lyrics from Resist and Exist, Idea from Dhoruba Bin Wuhad and women Black Panther activists. Just a side project for school, but the idea is what i had to make come alive.
wpeokdjnaokin 3D Graphics
Doggie Birthday Party This is a doggie birthday party. The black dog in the middle, holding the cake next to the white french poodle, is our dog.
clarita Computer Graphics
My favorite Party Dress This artwork represents something that I would love others to think of me as.
diana7 Painting, Acrylic
Dinner Party
gundy93 Painting, Acrylic
Tea Party Mad Hatter's Tea Party is the first of my three-dimensional PArte' series. This piece uses 60% recycled materials, from broken tea pot and cups to old pearls and a broken frame.
Shylene Mixed Media