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Heritage of the Libyan People's Set of images that show some scenes from the life of old and traditional costumes of our ancestors in the past
Brazil - Beautiful People During an eye opening trip into the magic of Rio de Janeiro, into the favelas and into the mind set of local Brazilians.
People of my country! The activities and variations of different people.
Recognizing the Resistance of Indigenous Peoples Throughout history the indigenous peoples of the world have continually resisted threats to their cultures and existence. From the first contact with outside cultures to modern day struggles, indigenous resistance continues all over the world from Mexico to Australia. In this Global Gallery contest we ask TIG members to share stories, modern...
Gwari people of Abuja Nigeria The head is sacred,so loads are placed on the back, just behind the neck.

Submissions (94)

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The tree of all people The tree of all peoples refers to the condition of having the same historical root, where we must respect other cultures and customs, respecting the diversity of each people, without wars. The play seeks to show how fragile we are, but we must have a deep respect for life and the environment that surrounds us. The roots seek to establish our...
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil
Equality for people You see the reflection of the feelings of an artist, who is left alone, left alone, trying to find a place for himself in the abandoned crowds, on the canvas.
globalgallery Painting, Oil
Peace Peace we want because there is another war to fight against`disease.
Tags: peace, war, virus, disease, environment, people
hakob_kojoyan Mixed Media
People don't realize that the fish are dying Adamari Ponce Roman - 1rst grade primary
ciencias-cdaza Drawing, Pencil-crayon
What belonging means for Malagasy Young People 30 young people share their view and ideas about belonging
YouthFirst Photography, Colour
Cultural Attan Dance Connecting the people Attan is cultural Dance ( which are connecting the people and realizing their self belonging as a nation
Tags: Attan, Ismail Swati, dance, culture
ismailswati Painting
Young People defending Human Rights By: Eugenia Flores Arango This image was inspired in a workshop of human rights, particularly about sexual and reproductive rights. Many young people attended it like me. I was aware the relevance of knowing our rights and the power we have if we know them. It doesn`t matter who and how you are, if you know your rights you are able to defend...
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
People Of Tomorrow A collage of our definition of health and mental health.
Tags: mental, health
dsdao Collage
People living with HIV This picture is a collage showing people from different social class/status that have the HIV virus. It highlights how different the experience of living with HIV/AIDS can be depending on the resources available to a person.
Tags: epic
Merrhiem Collage
Wichi - The People Author: Javier Argimasser Organization: Cloudhead The Wichi are an aboriginal people who live throughout the northwest of Argentina. They have thousands of years of history as a nomadic people migrating throughout the highlands and lowlands of Central South America (Argentina/Bolivia/Paraguay). They possess a distinct language (known as Wichi)...
ayv Photography, Colour