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Earth Slowly Dies. Time Flies. Decarbonize. My artwork shows that our planet is slowly dying, but we can still save it if we all work together and choose to decarbonize. Save our planet, save our future. Decarbonize.
Tags: Decarbonize, philippines, ART4CLIMATE
bryceabelido Drawing, Crayon
Jeepney Ride. Only in the Philippines! Just taking a picture of the scene inside the jeepney. Usually it is full with eight people on both sides but this is an almost empty one. A ride on a non-rush hour ride.
Tags: jeepney, philippine jepney
heifezi Photography, Colour
Boracay, Philippines Soaking up some sun in beautiful boracay!
sandygaspay Photography, Colour
Smile Philippines! Amidst economic crisis! SMILE PHILIPPINES for a Brighter Tommorow.
seeker21s Photography, Colour
Mountain tribes in Northern Luzon of Philippines Traveling to the northern part of the island Luzon will bring you not only to beautiful landscapes with amazing rice terraces. It will bring you also to the regions with remote villages and colorful and traditional living upland tribal communities. Their ancestors constructed the fascinating rice terraces with the perfect working irrigation...
nujoicat Collage
CHOY WITH CENTRAL BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES GOVERNOR RAFAEL BUENAVENTURA Mr. Buenaventura assumed the position of Governor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on July 6, 1999, following a long and distinguished career of over thirty years in private commercial banking. Prior to his appointment as BSP governor, Mr. Buenaventura was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Philippine Commercial International...
choyg8 Photography, Colour
choyg8 Photography, Colour
WOW PHILIPPINES We all have roles to play in tourism. If we positively work on these roles, we will significantly grease the wheel that runs tourism as a motor of job creation. TIME Magazine, in its May 21, 2001 issue said, over the last ten years, travel and tourism has evolved from an emerging sector to an established leader in a modern service economy....
choyg8 Photography, Colour