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Plant trees to save earth The children are planting trees in order to fight global warming and prevent climate change. By planting more trees we can save earth. It will increase awareness
Razia Drawing, Pastel
Plant are dying Morales Medina Nicole - 3rd. Grade Primary
ciencias-fmalpartida Drawing, Pencil-crayon
#If you cut down one tree,Plant two When you cut down one tree, you plant two to prevent global warming
Tags: earth
Amayomide112 Painting, Watercolour
Heal the earth by planting trees Planting trees will help to reduce risk ozone depletion and green house effect
Tags: earth
Amayomide112 Painting, Watercolour
Planting earth 蔡欣泽
sharklin Computer Graphics
Plants make us greener I made a model of a classroom and placed a plant by the big windows which are a source of light and heat.
dfox Print
111 Ghaf trees planted led SynergY group of youth to plant 111 trees
simvedvyas Photography, Colour
Youth in Dubai Planted 111 Ghaf trees Simran Vedvyas leads SynergY and its members to plant 111 Ghaf Trees Native and Indigenous to UAE in October 2013
Tags: simran vedvyas, give a ghaf, uae, dubai, india
simvedvyas Photography, Colour
Plant a tree save the earth Artist(s): Haladhar Behera; Nihar Ranjan Jena; Umakanta Das; Madhusmita Lenka; Saroja Jena Organization: Jyotirmayee Mahila Samiti /Jawahar Balbhavan We are living in the Modernization world and for the development purpose cutting the old trees.We are forgetting to plant a tree.Think abut it.
ayv Photography, Colour
plant in malino, Indonesia the beautiful plant in Malino
Tags: plant, indonesia
nurrefera Photography, Colour