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Chat Bioplastics, 31.5.2012

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plastic waste on the earth This art is to show how the earth is when there is plastic the pollution it gives one side then the other side is the earth clean smelling nice
globalgallery Drawing, Crayon
Project SculptShore Canadian Conservation Corps members Eveline and Elizabeth founded this initiative to bring a new way for people to engage in conservation. They chose the North Atlantic right whale because the issues they face are dire and conservation outreach surrounding the issue tends to be very graphic and leave the viewer emotionally exhausted before they...
Tags: whale, conservation, oceans, plastic, shoreline, cleanup, art, action
SculptShore Sculpture
The Real Face of our World Human creations are destroying our mother nature and we can see the whole destruction by one scenario.Our air and water is both are getting polluted.Plastics,other dangerous elements and poisonous smoke will kill every living
Tags: whales, trash, environment, plastic, smoke, factories
TasnimMaliha Mixed Media
Spit Out the Plastic Now : Using all sorts of plastic, we grow oblivious to the microscopic plastic particles that our body amasses over time. This clay work with plastic straw was made to visualize a modern day individual being suffocated by plastics. This is deadly.
Tags: plastic
seoyeon1116 Sculpture
Plastic Fiesta We’re living in a kingdom of plastic. Though plastic makes our life rather convenient, we’re slowing destroying ourselves and mother earth. The three young people are in the middle are smiling while using sipping their drinks with plastic cups and straws. If only they know better, they may not keep their smiles on their face.
Tags: plastic
seoyeon1116 Collage
Marine debris monster. Hundreds of species worldwide are affected by marine debris, and as much as 80 percent of that litter is plastic. Beautiful creatures die each year from being entangled in or swallowing marine litter. People should stop polluting the ocean because they depend on it.
Tags: Decarbonize, climate changes, ocean, plastic, pollution
sjflynn Drawing, Pencil
Blue whale, Warm climate This is a student's artwork about environmental pollution with human waste entering the ocean and leading to global climate change.
Tags: Decarbonize, climate changes, ocean, plastic, pollution
sjflynn Collage
Plastic Impact The purpose of it was showing people how we, human beings, have the power to change the world. I know not using plastic straws is just one little step, but we need to start somewhere. My little brother inspired me to make this and helped me to accomplish it.
vicsaad Drawing, Pencil
The Earth Turtle The turtle represents the earth and life. The plastic around it's neck represents the earth and life dying because of human actions.
Tags: plastic, earth, animals
Caleb721 Markers
Fading I used this as an inspiration for saving the ocean and all creatures that live there. It's a huge issue now--protection of marine animals such as turtles.Turtles are now counted as an endangered species.Turtles are dying due to pollution and the proliferation of plastics, and the other marine animals are fading away because of plastic.
Tags: climate, ocean, animals, pollution, marine, plastic
teachermelliss Painting, Watercolour