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Willing to Fight This is a poem written by fellow students of York University describing the situation First Nations people live in.
Tags: poem, aboriginal people, health
ysoussi19 Mixed Media
Internet Addiction Poem A poem i wrote about this addiction
Tags: addiction, internet, poem, open minds
jlizarraga2 Print
Poem Without End: Highly Poetry ! I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to take part to my initiative to elaborate a POEM that never ends about CULTURE, POETRY, DIVERSITY, CLIMATE CHANGE AND ALL THE ISSUES THAT YOUTH ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT. The main purposes are to promote cultural exchanges and cultural diversity through art, to promote poetry as...
yassirovich Photography, Colour
Poem Poem Poem is a fantasy of true words, Its like moon walking naked Ashamed from the sky, And my soul whirls on the road of revolution day! Poem is old prostitutes Of rhymes of Democracy- Equality, Liberty and Fraternity All of them, cries of my tears And most of them, blood of my bones, I said, cries of tears Of blood of my...
kariemsila Print
poem bit depressing!
chazzwinkle Drawing, Pencil-crayon