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"My First Smudge" I wrote a poem about an individual who faced emotional suffering as a young indigenous in modern day society. When being contacted by a man who encourages him to smudge, the young soul reawakens by love. May it be physically or emotionally, they begin a new path. I based this off my first experience preforming a smudge. I believe the lives of...
Tags: poetry, smudging, indigenous youth, unify, Canada150
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Poem Without End: Highly Poetry ! I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to take part to my initiative to elaborate a POEM that never ends about CULTURE, POETRY, DIVERSITY, CLIMATE CHANGE AND ALL THE ISSUES THAT YOUTH ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT. The main purposes are to promote cultural exchanges and cultural diversity through art, to promote poetry as...
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poetry my name is kariem sila. I am a young poetry writer born in Guinea Bissau and grew up in UK. I am interested in culture and identity and human rights and Equity. my work is the soul of working hands of dreaming people like you and I. I would like to share my work with public by let them read them and think.I would appreciate and take into account...
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Poetry Park Wetlands, Chengdu City
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The Beauty and Poetry of Romania Created by students ages 12-13 years old at Scoala No. 2 in Constanta, Romania.
PTPIGYM Painting
Poetry recitations This is an alternative to violence which the youths can engage on to express themselves.
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