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International Polar Bear Day Art Contest Students, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, from Pembina Hills Regional School Division and Alberta Distance Learning Centre, are invited to celebrate this year’s International Polar Bear Day through artistic expression. We are inviting you to create and share a form of visual art (i.e. painting, photography, sketch, drawing, digital...

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Polar bear vs. Global Warming Our animals are also suffering
Sofiapiva Drawing, Pencil
Time is ticking We have to hurry the planet is our home and it’s running out of time
Tags: time, polar bear, earth, melting
Sofiapiva Drawing, Pencil
Lonely Polar Bear The polar bear can only live at the edge of the ice. The world becomes warm and the ice melts. He is hungry, but cannot go far. The number of polar bears is getting smaller.
AlisonSpear Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Save the polar bears by not littering. The polar bear here is starving. There is no ice anywhere near him. I can protect his habitat by not littering, since it all ends up in the ocean. One way I share my indigenous knowledge of the land is by telling others what I notice, but it is just as important to listen to elders.
AlisonSpear Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Polar Bears are In Trouble See how his eyes do not look good? The polar bear can only live in his home. His home is changing. The fish are too far and he cannot catch seals. The happy polar bear lives where it is just right.
AlisonSpear Mixed Media
We Need to Save the Polar Bear The polar bear is sad and hungry because his ice is melting and he is starving. Kids should not throw bottles in the rivers anywhere, because the plastic ends up in the ocean. I can hold signs to make people aware. I share my indigenous knowledge when I play with friends and show them my toy bear.
AlisonSpear Mixed Media
Help Polar Bears Polar bears are hungry and unhappy because the ice is shrinking. You can walk or bike to school to slow global warming. We share indigenous knowledge of the world when we Skype.
AlisonSpear Markers
The Last Polar Bears The harming of polar bears has never stopped. The number of polar bears is decreasing, and the rate will increase if icebergs keep melting. We hope everyone can help reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and use energy efficiently.
Tags: environment, nature, climate change, global warming, ocean, animals, Decarbonize, climate action, conservation, wildlife, life, melting, art, #savetheplanet, #actnow
Meimei-Taiwan Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Polar Bear , before and after When there will be no ice the polar bear will dye in a warm land
CarlosChiu Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Polar bear walking on the sea Wher there will be no ice, the polar bear will have to walk on the sea
CarlosChiu Drawing, Pencil-crayon