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feeding the poor. People in our country are dying in starvation and its not just our country. Some people in our country are just throwing food away like they don't care and trust me they really don't care. You know rather than just going and ask the needy if they want any food and they would say yes. You know one day my mother caught me throwing food...

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POORNESS Poverty is one of the reality of the world. We need to fight with poverty to provide equal opportunity to all.
cdcindia Ink, Brush
Poor Women Many women in Pakistan they do not have an education cause they are not allowed to go to school.
zamar 3D Graphics
Poor Children Children in Pakistan who do not have homes and are living in poverty. They search for food in their surroundings.
zamar 3D Graphics
Are the poor being servedPrimary tabs Image depicts the poor service delivered in government health care institution which most of the poor are dependent.
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Poor Children
guil Photography, Black and White
Whip-poor whil chicks Whip-poor whils are rarely seen,much less their chicks. These fellows are approximately the size of a camera lens cap. They wouldn't even budge a bit while I was close.
dwm376s Photography, Colour
Mid - Autumn Festival for poor child Mid-Autumn Festival in Que Huong Charity, the hope and happiness for poor children was brought with the candle light. Copyright 2004 UocMoXanh Group (photo by N.V.N)
uocmoxanhorg Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Alms for the Poor - II This piece was created after viewing a movie set in the middle ages, when the image of a young woman kneeling at the steps of a church, begging for money, stayed with the artist.
gfontaigne Painting, Oil