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Submissions (12)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
June Exhibit- Princess Kate This was taken in Summerside, P.E.I. downtown just as they came off the boat. I managed to have a spot right on the side of the road as they passed and I got this picture of Kate looking out the car window. This represents a part of the Canadian identity as this represents a whole new era of rule.
IslandGirl333 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
I deserve to be treated like a princess Artist(s): Tannia Darshami Arana Organization: Asociacion Civil Accion por la Paz “I deserve to be treated like a princess” is part of a campaign against human traffic. We have a group of five young people that decided to work on this topic, they took pictures, and after that they designed some advertisements and this one is the best of all....
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Princess likes me A very friendly horse. I believe her mice behavior to humans is because she is surrounded by people who respect animals.
Tags: horse, princess, respect to nature
MusicalGaby Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Black Princess of Purpose This is just a picture of my pen drawing on a piece of notebook paper of a women of royalty, I call her "Black Princess of Purpose" or "Black Princess with a Purpose". I plan on painting her on a canvas using both oil & acrylic paints.
Sheryl-Ann Ink, Pen
Kiss of the Dragon Princess I enjoy painting contemporary art of both Japan and Hawai'i. This one is oil on canvas painted in 2005. Giclée Canvas (24" x 20") museum quality prints are created in Limited Edition (L/E) (S/N) signed, numbered and sealed (Serial numbered #-1-1500) unframed.
Dragun3 Painting, Oil
princess vivien princess vivien . I was going for a musle cupid look . more then a real baby. I like the look of old master artest work alot. this drawing shows more of what I am saying abot a block as far as not knowing where to learn PAST my norm abilaty. I am trying to find out more to grow.soft pastels and pen
teddibubbles Drawing, Pastel
The Lonely Princess This portrait of Diana was born as I observed the incredible sadness the world showed at losing her. The contrast between her loneliness in life and the global emotions of love for her was heartbreaking.
Lorette Mixed Media
Little princess
nathalieghioni Painting
THE LAST NIGHT OF PRINCESS DIANA My Painting reflects the work Princess Diana supported for the victims of HIV & AIDS and her own short tragic life.
mysticmerlin Painting, Oil
Ossa Cartoons