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My art: A look to the protection of the beaches... The inspiration this given by the protection of the sands and the student project of Cuba SOS for the LIFE
The S.O.S. for life and climate change protection The collection about art S.O.S. for the life and protection of climate change, it presents the art of students and groups of the faculty of Early Childhood Education at the Marta Abreu University of Las Villas in Cuba.

Submissions (17)

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Environmental Protection Educate people about environmental protection
Tags: environment
danielbb Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Environmental protection Raising people to protect the environment
Tags: environment
danielbb Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Right to Protection Sundus N, Age 11
Tags: National Child Day Art, Childrens Rights
carolinefair Painting, Watercolour
Nature Protection This video was created as part of the AYV program at the YPA "New Group". "It's important to protect the nature. You can see that different people behavious in different ways, and usually they don't care about environment. Its important to show good example and to inspire others to take care on nature."
ayv Mixed Media
Social Protection Artist(s): Bhabatosh Eswar Soumya Organization: Youth for Social Development Description: The old aged couple are extremely poor and are eligible to get old age pension under the social protection scheme. But due to corruption and delay they are not able to get that. This will help the government. to assess their social protection program.
ayv Photography, Colour
Environmental protection-08 The earth needs our protection---the Way to protect the earth.
Cindea Painting
The Delicates I chose to create a piece of art that emphasized the fraility of humans, but also the safety and comfort humans find in each other. I created a green, colder background to demonstrate two points: first, that we come from nature, and second, that nature alone can't keep us comforted and warm. The subjects are two people, a generic male and a...
Tags: human rights, acrylic, red, green, people, comfort, love, security, protection
ib09alexandra Painting, Acrylic
Spirit protection Spirit protection. One white bird rises representing the restoration of health. The other bird is on the ground embracing the Native American Man in the picture. The faces of wise ancestors are in the sky watching over. The loyalty of their love is at work here. The bird that is rising is a powerful spirit guide who is able to enter the web...
clarita Mixed Media
Blacksploitation Witness Protection Plan Whimsical imagination about where all of the bad guys from the seventies cinema went.
elmoreart Mixed Media
Trees for change,environmental conservation & watershade protection ! The pictures were taken in western Kenyas river yala area.Trees help in environmental conservation and watershade protection.
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated