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Creativity in Quarantine The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely altered our day to day lives, as we’ve transformed our in-person gatherings into virtual get-togethers. As we’re adjusting to this new normal, many things may have sparked our creativity which has become an outlet of well-being and self-expression. We invite your imagination, voice and perspective on...

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Spring in Quarantine I created this piece towards the beginning of the quarantine. It was March or April, so springtime, and like everyone, I felt like I was looking out into the world but couldn't reach it. I thought of the scene in Alice in Wonderland where she's in the room but can' get out through the tiny door. She looks out the keyhole and sees a beautiful...
Tags: COVID, environment, nature, earth, green, art
corasage05 Painting, Acrylic
Sheltered Hope Many of us feel like we are stuck, unable to move, lost, and imprisoned in the very place we call home. The norm of life interrupted by an unknown force, an invisible shadow that preys on our very existence. In times of chaos and madness, we must ignite that kindle of hope and turn it into a blazing flame that can't be washed down. We must...
Tags: quarantine, hope, stuck
ndagnachew Mixed Media
Learning to Try Again; Quarantine Edition I decided to turn to my friends and see how they managed to be creative during quarantine, and in the process found it in myself to try something myself. Intern at Urgent Inc.
NahiaP Mixed Media
Fashionably Lounging During quarantine, many of us might have realized how important it is to go out and spend time in nature. In my photo collage, I wanted to show that, even in the age of quarantine, we can still go out and have a good time doing the things that we enjoy, whether that be reading or just relaxing and taking in the nature around us. The only way one...
Tags: face, wig, fun, quarantine, reading, books, Urgent Inc.
ch_ade Collage
Taking Flight The image is of an origami crane folded from a typical medical face mask. It is inspired from the new restrictions, finding a way to embrace them creatively with an old craft. (Intern at Urgent Inc)
Tags: mask, crane, origami, quarantine
NahiaP Photography, Colour
My Quarantine Thanks to my current internship at Urgent Inc. I was able to get inspired and create this short film. The purpose behind it was to show how quarantine was for me and how I believe was for the rest of the world. During this pandemic we had a lot of free time. Which most of the time I would spend watching tik tok or doing nothing. However, I found...
Tags: internship, creativity, quarantine
alli_aaa Mixed Media
Quarantine Entertainment The purpose of this picture is to show how Tik Tok has become something we all use in our daily life. It's a platform that allows us to be creative and have a voice. During this quarantine Tik Tok became the principal source of entertainment for most of us. I got inspired to shoot this photograph when I was using this app. It came to my...
Tags: internship, entertainment, TikTok, quarantine
alli_aaa Photography, Colour
Isolated but Integrated Hi I am Daniela. For my photo, it shows a lonely park, but is it really lonely? Its full of creativity, activities, and details. Ever since quarantine, everything has been abandoned and alone; we all used to be together, hanging out and having fun. So this picture depicts the thought of being alone but reunited at the same time. This stood out...
Tags: quarantine, creativity, isolation, selfquarantine
day_nel Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Not Just in Quarantine "Racist America sees undocumented immigrants as someone who took their jobs I see a hard working grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son,and daughter Racist America calls them an “illegal alien” I call them Mami, tía, y tío, primo o prima Racist America calls undocumented immigrants rapists, murderers, and criminals But forget to call out...
YouthMedia Photography, Black and White
Sunset in Quarantine “They look like the toy story clouds.” Young creatives from Las Fotos Project spring semester cohort had to go in quarantine mid-way through the term. A few of the young creatives chose to focus on the theme of quarantine for their project. Their cameras now became conduit for processing, analyzing and understanding a new world and a...
YouthMedia Photography, Colour