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Submissions (8)

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Reaching Out by Kimberly L My Art shows inclusion by having two hands reaching out to each other. One hand is reaching over and the other hand is extended out to meet the first hand. I used white as a symbol of light, where the two hands will meet and the black is the loneliness surrounding them.
TIGstaff Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Reach for the Sky It depicts a magical creature a child would like to be. The rainbow depicts a Promise made between parent & child that each other will always be thinking of each other in their hearts. It is to show hope and faith, to fight the odds, to illuminate hope and be noted in the darkness. The reeds from the earth and the pegasus glow in the dark with...
Tags: unique, lifechanging, reaching, sky, rainbow, hope, spirit, glow
Skylar Mixed Media
Reaching Out This man at a seniors manor really loved his cats, they seem to make him and others there, very happy :)
Lynne007 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
reaching out for...
aras Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Woman reaching for her dreams I, as a woman, know that it is hard, even in this day and time, to be an equal to our male couterpart. Women have to get through and reach for their dreams, fight for them and be strong. This painting celebrates women, the different ethnicities and our fight for our stance in this world. The woman in the painting is pink, to not generalize a...
CanadianSuga Painting, Acrylic
Reaching to the Top A mixing of feelings when we reach to the top. The same when we have sets ourselves goals. I took this shot in "Machu Picchu - Lost Inca's City" on January 2002 at the end of an exhausting, but outstanding trekking. I used a Canon 505 camera. Originally 10 X 15 jumbo photograph size.
Latin Photography, Colour
Reaching Out Some rendering in 3dStudio Max, and touch ups in Photoshop.
Spadrick 3D Graphics
Reaching for air A cloud stretches its fingers out, reaching for air to consume
martin83 Photography, Colour