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From Residential Schools to Reconciliation: A Celebration of Art & Writing As part of Alberta’s Project of Heart, students from across the province are invited to share their writings and artwork that depict their understanding of the people of Alberta’s journey towards reconciliation. The celebration is open to grades 1 to 12. Participants may submit works of art, poetry, film, video or writings in this celebration....
Recycling Photos
The Art of Recycling Italy
Fun Recycled Fashion. Year 4 kids from Spain
Fun Recycled Fashion. Year 4 kids from Spain
Gardeners Road's Recreational Centre
LOS JOVENES DE MI BARRIO TIENEN LOS MISMO DERECHO Los jóvenes de mi barrio tienen los mismo derecho a ser escogido a la hora de los premios nacional de la juventud, la participación en el CILA, las becas la participación en la política, pero creo que los ministros lo han olvidado cuando no veo un solo pobre en una de esas actividades
Buildings and Recycling..Dublin
Haiti Reconstruction
Recognizing the Resistance of Indigenous Peoples Throughout history the indigenous peoples of the world have continually resisted threats to their cultures and existence. From the first contact with outside cultures to modern day struggles, indigenous resistance continues all over the world from Mexico to Australia. In this Global Gallery contest we ask TIG members to share stories, modern...
Recortes da Pobreza Esta galeria retrata a dura realidade que é a pobreza. São várias fotos que eu mesma tirei ou peguei de outros fotográfos na grande rede virtual que é a internet. Tenho como objetivo sensibilizar as pessoas de que cada um de nós temos o potencial de fazer uma diferença enorme na luta contra a pobreza. Nós, como cidadãos, com consciência...
DCAT's Online! Directed Consumerism With Automatic The "Living Logo" of ABC4All symbolizes the future matching/doubling of all charitable contributions throughout the world. Please consider adding a photo that can accompany the ABC4All Living Logo in this gallery!

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Recreating the Beauty of Earth I am Zian Biswas, an 11 year old from India, and this creation I made depicts the true beauty of our world and how our Industry & Innovation is Destroying the Sustainable Communities. The main Moral I want to Express through this illustration is that we should bring back the Natural Beauty of Earth by planting trees, decrease Poaching, and...
Zian_Biswas Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Receive the gift of Literacy I feel that the future of our world rests on children thus it becomes extremely important to educate each and every child and gift him/her the most precious gift of education.
globalgallery Drawing, Pencil
Let's Recycle! #Decarbonize
tgodwald Mixed Media
Direct Heat This artwork is inspired by the heat. It's we, humans who has put ourselves in this position, and it's we who must pull ourselves away from an undesired fate. We need to take action before it's too late.
KaiCruz Computer Graphics
Recycled Art: Sea turtle puppet made from recycled waste The artwork “Sea turtle puppet made from recycled waste” is based on an idea that won first prize in the Art of Recycle Awards organized by UNESCO Office in Vietnam and the Coca-Cola Foundation in 2018. Performed by: - Phan Tuấn Quốc and colleagues at Mekongaholics - The Management Board of Champa Islands Marine Protected Area The puppet has...
Tags: environment, nature, ecofriendly, #savetheplanet, earth, sustainable, green, recycle, Decarbonize, climate action, ocean, waste, reuse, art, conservation, wildlife, life, activism
vnustudent Sculpture
Recruitment Everyone should feel obligated to take action and participate now
Tags: climate action
ratio7442 Computer Graphics
Nalanda's Reduce, Recycle & Recover I have used internet as a source of inspiration to build my ideas for the art work.
Tags: climate change
clannapurna Mixed Media
Nalanda's Reduce, Recycle & Recover My artwork reflects the world around me and the subjects that move and inspire me.
Tags: earth, industrialism
clannapurna Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Nalanda's Reduce, Recycle & Recover I like to explore it through the subject as I experience, perceive and analyze it.
Tags: earth, pollution, air, carbon dioxide
clannapurna Mixed Media
Nalanda's Reduce, Recycle & Recover I work both visually and intellectually.
Tags: industrialism, pollution, air pollution, emissions
clannapurna Drawing, Pencil-crayon