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Recycling I chose these ways to save the environment because it is important to save our planet. We learned that if we harm nature we are really harming ourselves.
dfox Drawing, Pencil
Sang Round House Sang Round House by a Design-Build Team of Nico Smith, Humphrey Lloyd and George Bell from Wales, UK LEARN-BY-DOING IN AFRICAN ARCHITECTURE (Watch it on youtube: CONTACT: with date you are applying
Tags: ashanti, sang arts village, abetenim, arts & culture, environment, green building, volunteer, community service, eco travel, land art, education, arts missions, research, africa, community development, construction, ghana, social engagement, ecological building, eco farming, alternative energies, environmental education, recycling, tourism, children and youth work, networking, craft, cartography, excursions, social welfare, social work, environmental actions, project management
nkafoundation Sculpture
Recycling: a way to help our world to survive If we really want a better world, we need to clean it! Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-duse: all this can help us to live well.
Tags: use recycled materials
teresadicurzio Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Recycling tin cans, Dakar, Senegal
lizcooper Photography, Colour
Recycling in Taipei This is example of the many ways in which the City of Taipei is a leader in implementing environmentally-responsible policy. It has the most stringent waste disposal requirements in all of Taiwan. If you look closely, there are three separate receptacles for used beverage containers; one for plastic bottles, one for metal cans and one for...
amarbaines Photography, Colour