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Panhandle Equine Rescue Photography A collection of photos I have taken of equines that have been rescued from abuse and neglect by the Panhandle Equine Rescue of northwest Florida.

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1 Day Later: The Authorities Come to the Rescue The next day, when it's bright and sunny, the government is at work clearing away the snow.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Rescue Me I think that violence is a cry for help. A feeling of being victimized that leads us to victimize others. Our helplessness translates into our hate. Our anger translates into our antagonism. When we are wounded we want to wound others, whether it is by swords or guns or words.
Shoma Mixed Media
shell rescuer
JURI Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Waiting for Rescue This 1958 Chevy was waiting by the side of the road for someone to rebuild her. This is watercolor. Size 11"x16"
krisk Painting, Watercolour