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Dela Kwami Kpodo Eglu; RoDela SPIRIT OF ART When you walk down the streets of the world, you cannot help but notice that everything has a spirit. There is spirit in the noise, in the people, in the colors, in the culture. Painting is merely a form of expression used to capture the human experience with such vibrancy. The process is circulars: the painter must reach inside...
Tags: good, rodela
RODELA Painting, Acrylic
SuperRawlings,.... Design by RoDela, 2013 Former President, Flt.-Lt. (Rtd) Dr. Jerry John Rawlings...: Republic of Ghana. The year 1981-2000
RODELA Computer Graphics
FULA SINGER FOR SALE SIZE 38'' X 28'' $600 TITLE; FULA SINGER +2330275118811
Tags: art, rodela
RODELA Painting, Acrylic