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Volubilis The ancient roman ruins in Morocco.
Tags: roman, ruins
kristlect Photography, Colour
ruins Heba watched how her parents getting killed by Israeli soldiers in the last attack on Gaza just 2 weeks ago. She is now sitting on the ruins of her destroyed house-When I shot a series from her i had terrible feelings...why i shoot this now?for the good picture?No, i shot this pictures because the whole world needs to know which injustice...
anniepalestina Photography, Black and White
Ruins of The Ancient Hersones
Lesunchik Painting, Oil
Ruins at Pollunurawa Pollunurawa architecture was a fusion of Sinhalese and Chola styles as control of the kingdom kept changing hands between the two groups. This 1000 year-old temple is a perfect example of the blend as a Sinahlese Buddhist moonstone is in between two Hindu deities.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
Photography, Colour