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Virtual Citizenship, Real Safety The internet is a place to explore, a mode of communication, a source of information. Many people find and thrive along the information highway, rounds its curves and linkages. Others find a venue for expression and nodes to give voice to their opinions and creative thoughts. People go online to find the latest news, download media and link to...

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PAST AND PRESENT I want to bring the past, the earth that doesn't have problems
Tags: save, safe, love
Lorenzo2 Drawing, Pastel
Save animals, save planet. It's time to save the cutest animals we all love.
Tags: panda, animal, safe, life, planet, pollution, environment, black, blue, white, time, gray, earth
hakob_kojoyan Mixed Media
Our sad planet What we are doing to the planet is inexcusable.
Tags: planet, sad, water, pollution, environment, animals, safe, gray, green, elephant, man, men, sun, ocean, earth, crying, tear
hakob_kojoyan Mixed Media
Life is about saving animals Animals should not require our permission to live on earth. Animals were given the right to be here long before we arrived.
Tags: animal, deer, red, women, old, pollution, environment, safe, gray
hakob_kojoyan Mixed Media
Safe & Well My art piece is an important reminder for myself to change my mindset from linear thinking to wholistic thinking. Everything I need for well-being and feeling safe is inside my circle.
jlroberts94 Computer Graphics
Right to Be Safe Emma A, Age 11
Tags: National Child Day Art, Childrens Rights
carolinefair Painting, Watercolour
Road Safety Matilde Bermudez
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Safe Internet Author: Ana Karina Perdomo Organization: Superatec This artwork aims to raise awareness among parents on the need to take safety measures in order to prevent children to misuse internet.
ayv Computer Graphics
Unsafe life in the City Artist(s): Sasmita Biswal Organization: Youth for Social Development A slum there are many electric cables hanging in an unsafe manner that will harm children while playing in their neighbourhood. This has been highlighted by the AYV participants during their filed visit to slums.
ayv Photography, Colour
Unsafe and unhygienic drinking water Artist(s): Asish Mishra Organization: Youth for Social Development This photo details about how people collect drinking water in an Unsafe and Unhygienic water stand post in Berhampur city.
ayv Photography, Colour