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Parkchester Unit 1 Project: Save the Plants
Save Orangutan - Project Borneo 3D by Dino Fitriza Orangutan is Critically endangered. Only 6,600 sumatran orangutan and 40,000 to 50,000 borneo orangutan in the wild today. Deforestation threaten Orangutan habitat. Project Borneo 3D the movie is a project to save orangutan and borneo rainforest from destruction. Support me in Project Borneo 3D the movie.
Save Wild Life I am trying to educate people mainly youths on wild life.

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Save The Ocean Kids for Kindness
Rebsmoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
If art can save the world, I want to paint the daisies, not the drought! Natural habitat of many species has been destroyed by people. We are building factories, buildings, bridges, roads… There is no water, no soil, no clean air. We can’t find trees and simple flowers in our gardens. However, every spring brings us a chance to turn a new leaf…I want to help save nature by telling all people in the world: ‘’ Think...
globalgallery Photography, Colour
Save the planet The purpose of my ART is to spread the message of "save the world" to the public and world. I chose to create this ART because we have a limited time to save the world and if we keep harming it we won't have anything left to save and soon everything around us will die.
Tags: #savetheplanet, #world, #earth
ayu08 Painting, Watercolour
DECARBONIZE: Save Mother Earth As individuals, let us be the main part in helping and saving our dear Mother Earth by doing best practices in stopping climate change.
Tags: #decarbonize, #ph_decarbonize
aleaK_akirnE Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Save the World The world will be more technologic, and a lot of things will be eco friendly
globalgallery Painting
PAST AND PRESENT I want to bring the past, the earth that doesn't have problems
Tags: save, safe, love
Lorenzo2 Drawing, Pastel
Who is going to save the world? The purpose of my artwork is to show what all tools of nature we need to save and preserve.(I would also like to express my gratitude towards my mom who motivated me while I created my artwork.)
globalgallery Mixed Media
Save the Earth The purpose of my artwork is to help the environment from climate change.
TanyaJane Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Save our Earth The purpose of this art is to help save the earth from climate change.
JewelTish Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Save Our Earth The art would like to raise awareness and encourage everyone to take care of the Earth by showing these simple ways on how to do it.
bashamiquiabas Drawing, Pencil-crayon