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Save the planet The purpose of my ART is to spread the message of "save the world" to the public and world. I chose to create this ART because we have a limited time to save the world and if we keep harming it we won't have anything left to save and soon everything around us will die.
Tags: #savetheplanet, #world, #earth
ayu08 Painting, Watercolour
Save the Planet Earth We are making our world in a big factory, Need to understand what originally we belongs, We belongs safe, clean and peaceful world
cdcindia Drawing, Crayon
Save the planet Artist(s): Madhusmita Lenka Organization: Jyotirmayee Mahila Samiti /Jawahar Balbhavan Population is growing day by day and also waste materials.Unless we think about Recycle,Reuse of the waste material,then the earth may not save. All ways use recycling paper Products.
ayv Photography, Colour