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Security Housekeeping Technical Staff Services in Chandigarh Ranger Services have expertise in various services such as Security Analysis for Organizations, Guarding, Household Services, Hospitality Services, Event Management, Contract labour services & Others staffing solution. information #PLOT No - 40, Kamla market, Phase-1,Mohali (P.B) - 160055 +91 8699299911, 9816461001

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MONUMENTO DE INSEGURANÇA - MONUMENT OF INSECURITY Essa obra sugere que as consequencias da marginalização não se restringem às favelas, o que é simbolizado pela viatura de polícia estacionada no historico monumento Arcos da Lapa, no centro da cidade. The image suggests that outcomes of marginalization are not restricted to the slums, and that is represented in this picture by the presence of a...
ayv Mixed Media
Rain water harvesting equals food security Artist(s): Amos Willy Organization: Arid Lands Information Network Description: This image passes the message that if simple rain water harvesting structures like digging terraces can be embraced, we will have sufficient water for farming and this will enable us to realize food security. It also shows that some of the farmers are already...
ayv Photography, Colour
The Delicates I chose to create a piece of art that emphasized the fraility of humans, but also the safety and comfort humans find in each other. I created a green, colder background to demonstrate two points: first, that we come from nature, and second, that nature alone can't keep us comforted and warm. The subjects are two people, a generic male and a...
Tags: human rights, acrylic, red, green, people, comfort, love, security, protection
ib09alexandra Painting, Acrylic
Food Security in Nigeria We must make sure Food Security becomes a reality in Nigeria! Let's encourage young people to get involved in agriculture today.
manpo2k Photography, Colour
Security in Egypt
lizcooper Photography, Colour
Hacking...Online security How do you feel about someone seeing what you're doing online, your emails,your PC info...hmm...Doesn't feel really interesting does it?
yarinos Cartoons
All we need is security & justice Esta foto fue tomada en medio de la impresionante marcha en reclamo de seguridad y justicia, realizada en Buenos Aires, el pasado 1 de abril. Participaron alrededor de 150.000 personas.
damianprofeta Photography, Colour