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Sharing photos John Erickson is a U.S. student who is in Haiti Ocean Project and comes down from Florida to teach us how to swim in the ocean. He shares with us photos of dolphins and whales he saw. He makes us feel like we belong to something good.
Tags: sharing, photos
haitiocean Photography, Colour
Sharing Maple Syrup With The World Kindergarten and Grade One students in Moonstone, Ontario Canada collaborated with students from Koahsuing Taiwan to create a video that brings them all together in the spirit of friendship, sharing and belonging together.
Tags: maple syrup, sharing, inclusión, belonging, canada, taiwan
Winnisk Mixed Media
Philosophie cubism au troi 2 What is sharing and love in difference of light and time?
Tags: love, sharing, emotions, perceptions, light, time
diana7 Ink, Brush
Philosophie cubism au troi a simple table begins with a painting; a couple beginning, their first year together.
Tags: love, sharing, emotions, perceptions
diana7 Ink, Brush
Method Deux 2 Shared dream catchers; what is the effect on perception at a different time of the time?
Tags: love, emotion, perception, sharing
diana7 Ink, Brush
Method Deux 1 A sharing of love, a sharing of dreams; a sharing and watch with each dream catchers
Tags: love, emotions, sharing
diana7 Ink, Brush
sharing It is our Myanmar culture to share what we already have with other people.
myokyawthu Photography, Colour
from the global village to glocal villages, by bitwatt A Village for every era: from the "Local Village" of the agricultural era to the "Global Village" of the industrial/post-industrial era and on to the "Glocal Villages" of the era of generative tech-nets: bits, watts, ..... and complexity .....
Tags: global, local, glocal, village, sharing, cars, bikes, computers, public, space, piazzatelematica
bitwatt Computer Graphics
SHARING Sharing (Available) ORDERING:
gorCreativearts Painting, Watercolour
Photography, Colour